01.10.2021 | News

Public needs to be involved to create inclusive society

Our guest today is Mr. Ganzorig Vanchig, a chairman and co-founder of the Down Syndrome Association of Mongolia. After finding out that his son was...

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09.09.2021 | News

Dreaming About Safe Roads to My Work

Bat-Erdene or Babu, as his friends call him, is a masseur, marathon runner, musician, and khoomii singer. After losing his eyesight at the age of 16,...

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27.08.2021 | News

Do Not Need to Hide, Be Confident

Our next guest is from the art world. N. Ligden is a talented musician in the traditional musical band Jonon and in the sessional jazz band Grooving...

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11.08.2021 | News

Education Means Competitiveness in Business

Oidov Vaanchig, a disability activist, business entrepreneur, good husband, and father of three wonderful children. He has a diverse educational...

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20.07.2021 | News

Wonderful Children Captivated Me

Our guest is E. Enkhzul, a teacher at the 116th school - the only school for the visually impaired and blind children in Mongolia. Having worked both...

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20.07.2021 | News

Let’s Remove Small Barriers of Communication

Our guest is a third-year student at the Mongolian International University (MIU). From her home soum in Bayankhongor Province, Ms Lkhamsuren shares...

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02.07.2021 | News

Don’t Advise, Just Be a Friend

We asked Mr. A. Khash - a host at the MGLRadio - to tell his story of inspiring our first guest Mr. Battulga Ganbaatar when he lost hope. So, we asked...

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27.05.2021 | News

Everyone Has the Right to Learn

Our guest today is Ms. Munkhzul.D, a principal of the 263rd public kindergarten in Songino Khairkhan district of the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. After...

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20.05.2021 | News

Create Your Own Future

Our guest Sambuudanzan Ganzorig lives in Arkhangai Aimag, approximately 430 kilometers away from the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. He is the President of...

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13.05.2021 | News


Before the pandemic, Ms. Kimiko used to travel to the ger district in a crowded bus to teach her students – who were all not in one place like...

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