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13.10.2021 | News
Vocational Education for Disabled People
Our guest is Ms. Altmaa, Director of the School of Vocational Education and Skills at the Mongolian National Rehabilitation Vocational Training Center. She shared her views on vocational education…  
09.09.2021 | News
Dreaming About Safe Roads to My Work
Bat-Erdene or Babu, as his friends call him, is a masseur, marathon runner, musician, and khoomii singer. After losing his eyesight at the age of 16, Bat-Erdene lost his hope and hid away from…  
27.08.2021 | News
Do Not Need to Hide, Be Confident
Our next guest is from the art world. N. Ligden is a talented musician in the traditional musical band Jonon and in the sessional jazz band Grooving High. Inspired and grown up in a family with…  
11.08.2021 | News
Education Means Competitiveness in Business
Oidov Vaanchig, a disability activist, business entrepreneur, good husband, and father of three wonderful children. He has a diverse educational background: elementary school in Russia, secondary…  
20.07.2021 | News
Wonderful Children Captivated Me
Our guest is E. Enkhzul, a teacher at the 116th school - the only school for the visually impaired and blind children in Mongolia. Having worked both during the socialist and democratic periods,…  
20.07.2021 | News
Let’s Remove Small Barriers of Communication
Our guest is a third-year student at the Mongolian International University (MIU). From her home soum in Bayankhongor Province, Ms Lkhamsuren shares with us her experience of secondary and…  
02.07.2021 | News
Don’t Advise, Just Be a Friend
We asked Mr. A. Khash - a host at the MGLRadio - to tell his story of inspiring our first guest Mr. Battulga Ganbaatar when he lost hope. So, we asked what the magic was that unlocked Battulga’s…  
27.05.2021 | News
Everyone Has the Right to Learn
Our guest today is Ms. Munkhzul.D, a principal of the 263rd public kindergarten in Songino Khairkhan district of the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. After graduating from the Mongolian State University of…  
20.05.2021 | News
Create Your Own Future
Our guest Sambuudanzan Ganzorig lives in Arkhangai Aimag, approximately 430 kilometers away from the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. He is the President of the Federation of Associations of People with…  
13.05.2021 | News
Before the pandemic, Ms. Kimiko used to travel to the ger district in a crowded bus to teach her students – who were all not in one place like kindergarten or school, but they waited for a…  
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