26.04.2022 | News

Differently-abled Citizens Are the Largest Minority in the World

Today, our guest is Ms. Selenge Sambuu, executive director of the “Association of Parents with Differently-abled Children” (APDC). She started as a...

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03.03.2022 | News

A Heartfelt Story of a Mom and Her Son with Down Syndrome

Mrs. Munkhtseren, a board member of the Down Syndrome Association of Mongolia, is a wonderful, loving, and invincible mother of a boy with Down...

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17.12.2021 | News

From ‘Defectology’ to Special Needs

Have you ever thought deeply about how you think about disability and what your version of its definition would be? Dr. Odgerel’s story has a lot to...

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02.12.2021 | News

Building an Inclusive Society Together

Our guest today is Ms. Gerel, the President of the Mongolian National Federation of the Blind (MNFB). Ms. Gerel gives us an introduction to some of...

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13.10.2021 | News

Vocational Education for Disabled People

Our guest is Ms. Altmaa, Director of the School of Vocational Education and Skills at the Mongolian National Rehabilitation Vocational Training...

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01.10.2021 | News

Public needs to be involved to create inclusive society

Our guest today is Mr. Ganzorig Vanchig, a chairman and co-founder of the Down Syndrome Association of Mongolia. After finding out that his son was...

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09.09.2021 | News

Dreaming About Safe Roads to My Work

Bat-Erdene or Babu, as his friends call him, is a masseur, marathon runner, musician, and khoomii singer. After losing his eyesight at the age of 16,...

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27.08.2021 | News

Do Not Need to Hide, Be Confident

Our next guest is from the art world. N. Ligden is a talented musician in the traditional musical band Jonon and in the sessional jazz band Grooving...

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11.08.2021 | News

Education Means Competitiveness in Business

Oidov Vaanchig, a disability activist, business entrepreneur, good husband, and father of three wonderful children. He has a diverse educational...

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