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Paper series on Mongolian Geopolitics now published in one extensive reading “Mongolian Geopolitics”, developed by FES Mongolia in collaboration with the Mongolian Institute for Innovative Policies, covers topics ranging from East Asian geopolitics, over Mongolia’s relations with the west to geopolitical and economic interests in Mongolia.

Mongolia with its unique and limited geographical position, has always been guided by a very realistic strategy when looking at the foreign policy options. With new times and geopolitical structures on the horizon, the main question for Mongolia’s foreign policy will be how to sustain and potentially enlarge its independence in the region. In this book, 24 different articles examine Mongolia’s position and potential in a changing geopolitical environment. “Mongolian Geopolitics” is intended to be a source of information and thought-provoking insights for policy-makers, journalists, and scientists alike.

The comprehensive book can be retrieved following this link: https://library.fes.de/pdf-files/bueros/mongolei/19651.pdf 

Mongolian geopolitics

Mongolian geopolitics

Ulaanbaatar, 2022

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